Mac OS X Server

Mac OS X Server can do many things that will make your network more efficient. It offers a very stable platform that is scalable and fast to use. The unlimited licence is very affordable compared to Windows servers and can serve both Macs and Windows PCs.

Apple Mac File Server Support LondonFile sharing

With OS X Server you have many options for sharing files. OS X Server can serve Macintosh and Windows users without any extra software. You can also share your files with the built in FTP Server.

Network Installations

Mac OS X Server has this incredible feature built in where you can make a Mac boot from a server file and have a brand new operating system reinstalled on the Mac over the network. In practice, one workstation would be configured and all software installed and updates applied. You would add all network settings, printers and site licence serial numbers. The first Mac would be tested very carefully to make sure it is running as you would like it to. This computer would then become the template. Once the server is setup, if you wanted to reinstall or install a Mac you would boot the computer holding down the “n” key, this will force a network boot. The Mac will boot with the template and you can then clone the OS to the local hard disk using a piece of simple software. A manual installation can sometimes take 3-4 hours with all the updates and software installs, with this an install would take about 1 hour and you don’t have to do much, you can just leave it to run. After it has setup you would have to enter serial numbers for software that you may not have a site licence for and change the network name, that’s it. Combine this with the remote Home directories there would be no problem in reinstalling a computer that starts to cause problems. Set up of these services are not that straight forward and takes a good few hours to get it right, but once it is up and running it will be easy for you to install your own workstations. Deployment…

Dual Gigabit Ethernet

You may be thinking that the last two features would be very network intensive and you would be right to think that, however we can install a dual gigabit ethernet card that will allow up to 2Gpbs of throughput. This solves that problem and in cases where companies have gone for both of the above options there were no complaints of speed. Sounds straight forward but you would need a network switch with the capabilities, not hugely expensive but it is an extra.

Virtual Private Networking

The built in VPN in OS X is a great way of allowing your users access to the office services from home or another office. Users will be able to access all of their files and would even be able to print to the office printers (kind of like a really High-Res colour Fax Machine!).