About David Lee

What is my job?

  • To understand and help people make decisions about their IT.
  • To ensure IT is and continues to be a business enabler.
  • Nitty gritty support.
  • To manage projects.

Where my job gets interesting:

  • Understanding a company workflow and looking to spot improvements in efficiency.
  • Working very closely with people to tailor their IT requirement to their tasks.

Why do people use me?

I have been working in IT for Designers and Publishers for over 10 years. I am a trusted, independent consultant that always looks at a job from the client’s point of view.

My way of thinking

Trade Secrets

I have always thought that in order to advance well you must share information with the people you are working with. Over the years I have found that my policy of allowing people to constantly ‘pick my brains’ has paid off in a number of ways. The advantage for me is that as people become more knowledgeable in IT I find they will often go a step further.

Being liberal with my help and knowledge has really helped build relationships and solutions.


I constantly find my self in very privileged positions. I am exposed to confidential information and tasked with securing that information by means of network security and backup. I take these responsibilities very seriously and have built up an excellent reputation.

Dealing with People

Over years of working in pressured environments with people that are always very busy on tight deadlines I have developed a ‘thick skinned’ approach to responding to people’s frustrations. I always aim to give sincere help to their situations and instill confidence that their issues will be dealt with properly.