Part-time but always available contracted IT

Some of the companies I work for I am a supplement to the team.

These companies are between 15-60 employees and London, Basingstoke and Reading based.

I get stuck into the business and work for the business similar to how an IT Manager would. I will be on side with the business and help secure it’s interests.

When an IT Services company is brought in they are often held at arms length as you can never really tell if they are just trying to sell you products. This may not be the case with IT Services companies but the doubt is often there which can limit the progress of developing your IT systems.

Using myself as an out sourced IT Manager I can do the thinking for the business and work out what the best solutions are which may even mean involving an IT Services company. As I do not push any of my own products and solutions I am able to give ‘hidden agenda’ free advice.

The term ‘Part-time’ is not really accurate and neither is Freelance. I might be best described as a Full-time Contracted IT that is not always in your office. What am trying to say is that I will only charge as if I were Part-time but in effect you get a person that is always available and always flexible.

When I am managing a project for a client I will always make myself available as and when needed. Staff and suppliers are able to contact me at all times and where necessary I will make arrangements to attend meetings on days where I might not normally be around.

Areas I would cover as Contracted IT may include anything from ordering a toner cartridge to specifying and briefing a database developer to managing a team of IT staff and or design/publishing operators.

Mac OS X Server

The companies I work for all generally use Apple Mac systems. I am expert in Mac OS X Server and highly proficient maintaining systems for graphics professionals.