IT Consultant

I can help your business by helping you work out how best to use technology. I can quickly learn about your company and your business workflow in order to put forward a well informed strategy in improving your computer services.

I often help with workflow issues and help business create a ‘best practise’ workflow that makes good use of the resources available.

As part of a consultation I will work out workflow changes and will factor in training requirements with costings. With a rough idea of costs, once we are settled on a direction I will arrange for quotes to be sent off to different suppliers and help weigh up who to buy it from and how (leasing, outright, rental, etc), I am experienced in reviewing quote revisions to make sure the technical items are correctly identified by the supplier.

Where required I can put together your 5 year IT Roadmap so you have a good idea on your future IT budgets and also make you more aware of the implications a consultation will have in years to come.