Kerio-Connect-MailServer-LondonKerio Connect MailServer for Mac and PC

Kerio MailServer (KMS) will give your company feature rich email services comparable with Microsoft Exchange server but at the fraction of the price. It is many times better than QuickMail Pro and many times easier than Communigate Pro.


• Secure Online Service
With KMS you can have your email available from anywhere in the world. You can serve IMAP, POP or Webmail to anywhere that has an internet connection.

• Anti-Spam Filter
KMS has a combination of SPAM filters that will accurately identify emails as spam and remove them from your users inbox. You can easily add custom rules to the spam filter.

• Anti-Virus Scanner
KMS has built in Virus scanner. Every email that is transmitted through the email server will be scanned. The scanner will automatically update itself for information on new viruses.

• Webmail
Your users will be able to get their email from any computer with a web browser. Users will be able to see all email in their stored folders and all contacts.

• Kerio installation service for London businesses

If you require an expert installation then please contact David Lee.