Mac FTP and Web File Server for Online Collaboration.

With an FTP server you can easily collaborate with others from outside your office. Freelancers and staff can work from home, suppliers can pick up and place files, clients can check progress by downloading pdfs and your other offices can share files with you. All this can be done in a highly customisable and secure way.

Flexible cross-platform technology

FTP is a standard way of sharing files across the internet. Every operating system has some way of connecting to an ftp server with minimal configuration. Windows users simply use Internet Explorer while Mac users can use one of many ftp client software downloadable from many vendors.

Native Macintosh Support

When an FTP server is set up we can also setup AFP (Apple File Protocol), this will allow Mac users to connect to the server where it will mount on their desktop like any other internal server.

Customised Access Rights.

You can customise your file’s directories into areas that certain people can access. Your internal staff would perhaps have access to all areas whereas your clients would only have access to a very small area. Suppliers could also have access to a small area. Freelancers could have access to certain projects.

Rumpus Web Browser Access

With Rumpus FTP you can have a very neatly configured FTP server that is accessible through a Website. The website look can be customised to your own website. It makes it very easy for your clients and suppliers to send and receive files.