Computer Services for Creative Companies

Project Management and General IT Management

Take control of projects or even the entire IT management of your organisation. Work directly with your finance department to help manage the IT budget and plan out your computer system road map.

Project manage new office installations, database development, system upgrades including purchasing and administration.


Assess your needs, audit and provide you with consultation on your computer systems. Help you find a supplier and build a shopping list for any equipment needed. Follow through with implementation.

Onsite and Remote Support

Using a combination of onsite and remote support. Remote support is possible through various tools for staff that are in and away from the main office.

Apple Mac Hardware and Software Support

All Mac Hardware and Mac Operating Systems (up-to-date) including Servers. Creative applications like Adobe Creative Suit, Final Cut Pro, Logic and the usual business applications are all supported.

PC Hardware and Software

Most PC Hardware and most of the Windows Operating Systems.

Industry Specific Applications

All the favourite design and publishing applications are supported (the likes of Creative Suit, Quark, Photoshop, Illustrator, Font Management, etc..).

Networking and Internet

Networking for Mac and PC computers.
Virtual Private Networks for remote access to file servers and other network services.
Mac and PC Network integration, making you Mac and PC computers work well together, helping converging network services to minimise on the amount of different server hardware and software on the network.
Load balancing internet connections.

Web and Domain Hosting

If you need web hosting please have a look at the web and domain hosting page.