Solutions for Mac and PC based systems

Here are some example solutions deployed into Mac based networks.

Kerio MailServer

Feature rich email server with Webmail and anti Spam and Virus. This Mail Server will run on your Mac Server or Windows PC Server and works with your iPhones and iPads. Details about Kerio Connect.

Google Apps and Google Mail Services

Organsisations of less than 10 users can use Google’s free mail services with thier own domain name. Details about Google Apps with Macs and PCs.

FTP and Web-based File Server

Collaborate with your clients, suppliers and freelance home workers using a central server accessible anywhere in the world. Details about FTP and Web file manager for Mac servers.

Mac OS X Server

Incredibly powerful and affordable server with many services made available to your network. Mac OS X Server solutions.

Colour Calibration

Using Colour Calibration equipment we can setup your printers and screens to display colours more accuratley. You can then take advantage of soft-proofing.

VPN for Remote Workers

Use a Virtual Private Network for your staff to access the network services remotely.

Wireless Networking

Allow your laptop users to work wire free on the network and eliminate the need for awkward and expensive cabling.

Custom Databases

With FileMaker Pro you can have a fast and powerful database to help manage your business. With development you can use FileMaker Pro architecture to manage image libraries, workflow and client contact.